Modern Art Explorer

Modern Art Explorer non-fiction book for children

“Without doubt, it is a very good thing that there are bright lights out there like Alice Harman, the book’s inventive writer.”

Frank Viva, The New York Times

A fun, unpretentious and brilliantly illustrated (by Serge Bloch, not me!) introduction to modern art for children. Modern Art Explorer takes readers behind the scenes to discover the stories behind thirty famous artworks from the Centre Pompidou’s collection in Paris. Featuring artists such as Henri Matisse, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo.

Young readers will be entertained and intrigued by weird details and big ideas alike, growing in confidence as they are encouraged to see and think for themselves. Modern art has never seemed so exciting!

Praise for Modern Art Explorer:

  • ‘Every page is a wonderful surprise … turning art history into an adventure.’ – Ruth Millington, art historian and critic
  • ‘A lively tour conducted by a knowledgeable curator.’ – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
  • ‘Accessible and entertaining, Modern Art Explorer is a treasure trove of fact and fun.’ – North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award
  • ‘Alice Harman takes young readers on a chatty and irreverent tour of the Centre Pompidou.’ – The Wall Street Journal
  • ‘Appealing and informative … an accessible mix of history and interpretation.’ – Publishers Weekly

You can also download free Modern Art Explorer activity sheets here. Obviously you’re very welcome to these without buying the book – but I warn you, the quiz activity sheet is fiendishly difficult without it!

More editions:
Italy, Spain, Germany, France, South Korea + more



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