I’ve written 50 children’s books about everything from art to outer space. I love creating fun, thoughtful books to inspire curiosity and imagination, and make the big wide world feel a little more kid-sized! Below, you’ll find more information on my books, as well as books I’ve edited or contributed to. Here are a few of the most recent books that I’ve written…

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Mona Lisa and the Others book front cover
Mona Lisa and the Others
Modern Art Explorer by Alice Harman
Modern Art Explorer
Climate Change (and How We'll Fix It) by Alice Harman
Climate Change and How We’ll Fix It
Who Do You Think You Are? cover
Who Do You Think You Are?
Cover of Art Sparks by Alice Harman
Art Sparks
Go Green by Alice Harman
Go Green! Activity Book

Take a look at my portfolio to see a full list of books that I’ve written, edited or helped to develop. You can also shop my books via my Bookshop.org storefront!