Climate Change (and How We’ll Fix It)

Climate Change (and How We'll Fix It) by Alice Harman

If we know how to sort out the climate crisis, why is no one fixing it?! This engaging book explains all, with a series of illustrated conversations!

Nat Geo Kids Magazine

We know what we need to do – so why don’t we just sort out climate change? Many kids (and quite a few adults) have asked the question. This book will answer it with a positive, realistic vision of how we can solve this global crisis.

After a recap of the science behind climate change, the book delves deeper, looking at the social and political factors standing in the way of a solution and then exploring how we can work together fairly, sensitively and decisively to save our planet.

Praise for Climate Change (and How We’ll Fix It)

  • ‘Insightful and inspiring … sure to captivate curious minds and set budding activists on their way.’ – Miss Cleveland Is Reading
  • Recommended by Climate Museum UK
  • Federation of Children’s Book Groups pick for Non-Fiction November 2020
  • ‘Such a fantastic book for practical, hopeful, informative insights … and a focus on solutions and actions. A must-read for all middle school children.’ – Amy Blain, climate activist

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