Children's books quiz

Quiz: How much do you really know about children’s books?

22nd July 2021

It’s time for a children’s books quiz! Test your knowledge of classic and contemporary children’s books, with this fun 10-question quiz. It’s not going to be easy, do you think you’re up to it? Finished the quiz and want more children’s books? Amazing! And I’ve totally got you on this. Because I don’t just write children’s […]

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5 children’s books that adults will love

7th May 2021

What were your most-loved books as a kid? Harry Potter? The BFG? The Tiger Who Came to Tea? If you’re anything like me, you can remember some of your favourite childhood books better than you can the contents of the work email you just read five minutes ago. At that age, stories stick – and […]

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12 Amazing Picture Books That I Think You’ll Love

6th April 2021

Are you looking for some amazing new children’s picture books, full of fun, beauty and heart? You’re in the right place! I love reading picture books, both to my young daughter and by myself. (You can really get lost in the gorgeous artwork when there aren’t any small hands grabbing at the pages…) Here are […]

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16 of the Best Middle Grade Books for Children

6th April 2021

Are you looking for middle grade books full of fun, adventure and curiosity, for children aged around 8/9 to 12? You’re in the right place! Although I still read middle grade books for my own enjoyment, so don’t take those suggested ages too seriously… Here are some of the best middle grade books that I’ve […]

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Yuval Zommer, creator of beautiful books for children

2nd December 2020

Award-winning author and illustrator Yuval Zommer creates beautiful fiction and fact-filled books for children about our natural world, from its skies and seas to its plants and creatures. His latest book, A Thing Called Snow, is full of friendship and festive fun. Cosy up with a cup of tea for this lovely chat with Yuval – and discover his favourite […]

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Avni Patel, amazing designer of children’s books

4th November 2020

Authors and illustrators get all the attention when it comes to children’s books, but what about the super-talented designers that bring it all together? There’s both an art and a science to designing books for kids, and the amazing Avni is here to share her secrets… 1. How different is it designing books for kids rather […]

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Elle McNicoll, star author of A Kind of Spark

28th October 2020

I’m SUCH an annoying fangirl about Elle McNicoll’s amazing debut novel, A Kind of Spark (Knights Of, 2020). It tells the story of 11-year-old Addie’s brave campaign for a memorial to the women killed in her Scottish village’s witch trials. Addie is neurodivergent, as is Elle McNicoll, and I really feel that this book helped me understand […]

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